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RISD '24 — Masters in Architecture

Vassar College '17 — BA Art History & French Studies

Parsons / New School, Summer '16 — Graphic Design

Isabel Jane was born and raised in New York where she currently resides (with stints in Paris, San Francisco, Providence, and Puerto Rico).

People are her biggest source of inspiration and information.

When visiting a museum, Isabel is more likely to draw the other art enthusiasts than document what's on the walls.


Each nose bridge, hairline, hand position — whether clutching a museum map or a tall skinny "light-on-the-foam" latte — reveal so much about a person. Each attribute a visual encyclopedia.


"Why make anything up?" She will argue. It's all right in front of you —walking a dog or shaking out the morning paper on a park bench, a pigeon bobbing by.

This website documents commissioned works, personal projects, and snippets of ever-ongoing sketchbooks—any instance when hand introduces pen to paper.

Open to Commissions !


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